Cats Who Stare At Ghosts is an Android game that my fiance and I developed together for our own company Parhelion Rift.

The game  was mostly inspired by the action of the our own cats called Danger Zone, Epi Cloud, Gravity and Ashanti. They often happen to stare at a wall or ceiling where obviously nothing could be seen by the human eyes which led to speculations what they might actually see 😉 The idea was born in 2015 and production started in 2016. All graphics and animations were created by Parhelion Rift. For development, the libGDX framework was used.

After 8 months of development, the game was ready for release and the initial version is available for Android since March 2017. A big update followed in June 2017, which introduced an improved user interface, additional quests and a new companion.

Game description

See what only cats can see. Be one of them and constantly improve yourself. Numerous rooms await you in a mysterious mansion full of secrets, filled with more different ghosts than all your friends have paws to count them with. Improve your stats, gain new expertises, find curious items, forge friendships with ghostly companions and other cats, unlock new skills and abilities or upgrade existing ones. But always beware how you spend your catnip, after all you might rather want to eat it yourself? Only sleep when it’s daytime, for the night is thrilling and full of things to play with.


















  • Fight your way out of a haunted mansion
  • Unique art style with fluffy ghost hunting cats
  • Semi-idle RPG with manifold ways to improve your cat the way you like
  • Innovative gameplay constantly evolves with every room you manage to clear
  • Excorcise over 80 different hand-animated ghosts with your paws

Cats Who Stare At Ghosts can be downloaded for free at Google Play.

Our trailer for the game can be found at YouTube and further information on our company website.