The Amaranth Baking Converter is an Android app for converting ingredients used for baking to different systems, e.g. metric, US, or UK. Users can choose between different units of volume and weight and convert them. Many converters only allow for converting units with the assumption of using water,whereas the Amaranth Baking Converter also takes the density of its ingredients into account.

A user-centered approach was pursued in the development in this app, beginning with a thorough competititve analysis. Existing apps were tested and user feedback was collected as foundation for features for a new app. Several designs have been sketched with the goal to design a slick und stylish interface.
The chosen design consists of two sliders as central units which offer a quick and playfulway to select an item.






The Amaranth Baking converter can be downloaded for free at Google Play.


  • Simple user interface with easy interaction
  • Trying to provide a more complete set of units and common ingredients used for baking
  • Allows conversions with fractals
  • Language support for german, englisch, italian and french
  • Personalization through choosing a color theme
  • Temperature chart for fahrenheit, celsius and gas numbers